• Smartlux Digital
smartlux DIGITAL
  • digital magnifier with 5" LCD screen
  • 4 different magnification levels

The high quality smartlux DIGITAL electronic magnifier is truly impressive not only in terms of its compact, contemporary design, but also its sophisticated functionality, which makes it ideal for a whole variety of vision tasks. it is equipped with an integrated, adjustable stand. When the stand is fully extended, the magnifier is ideal for reading and in the half extended position, it is ideal for writing. What's more, its lightweight and ergonomic design ensures comfortable use as an elegant hand-held magnifier.

The non-reflective 5" LCD provides the user with an extremely large visual field and together with the high quality colour camera produces a brilliant, full colour image. The brightness of the display can be adjusted to suit the individual requirements of the user. Due to its generous depth of focus, the smartlux DIGITAL always provides pin sharp images, even at different viewing distances and offers 1.7 - 12x magnification. In addition to a full colour viewing mode, smartlux DIGITAL also offers four additional modes for contrast enhancement in black/white, white/black, black/yellow and yellow/black.

Smartlux Digital

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